Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Direction- Same Subject

For the past couple of weeks now, I have been working through some ideas in my head that surround the ideas of celebrities, fans (and their para-social relationships with celebrities) hero worship, and fan idolisation. Not only have I been thinking about this, but also I have been thinking about the process that my drawings take, and how that can be shown in the work aswell.
When I started this work, I wanted to recreate the scene of the Eminem video for Stan, just replacing the imagery of Eminem, with my idol- Dave. At the time that I wanted to do this, I wasnt in the position to do this, and my work changed direction: but now I can. What is stopping me? Well, I have also decided that for my degree show I want to work through a different idea which sees me doing more drawing, just in a different way. Now I plan to create a drawing that is made up of 50-200 smaller drawings. Each of these smaller drawings will go together to make the larger drawing (much like a jigsaw/mosaic. Refer to image below by Chuck Close). This mirrors the process that my work follows about using a grid system to make my drawings, therefore showing the process aswell as the final image. Not only this, it touches upon the construct of the celebrity, aswell as the construct of the para-social relationship between fan and celebrity.

Before I do this though, I want to decide what sort of space this work is going to be. So far, my work has only been exhibited in largely open spaces, and this, I feel may be detracting away from the work. So, my intention is to recreate the exhibition that I did 4 weeks ago, but in a space that is about 10x smaller than the original location. This will then give me some indication of the space that works best for my work. In terms of intention, I think this will make the drawings seem more obsessed, as the will be in a really confined space, dominating both the viewer and the space as a whole. It will hopefully feel like a fanatical fan world, much like the reference to the Stan video and the imagery of that.

Eminem- Stan

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