Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Split drawing of Dave...

So, as hinted at in my last blog post, I planned to begin experimenting with the idea of splitting up a drawing, in order for it to make one bigger drawing. Today, I completed my first (albeit sketchy) example of this method of drawing. It must be pointed out that this process of drawing is to suggest the process that I use when Im drawing a larger scale drawing (on one sheet of paper).

Drawing each grid individually, psychologically made it easier, as I was working on each square separately and not thinking about the bigger picture...this would be my final thought when all of the squares are completed.
In another respect though, this style of drawing made it harder, as I was constantly lining up each square with others to make sure that the tones flowed relatively well, meaning that I had to keep stopping and then starting again. Overall though, I think it is a highly successful method, and I will definately be continuing with this idea (to the point I have already finished another one, which I will post here tomorrow.)

Dave- Multiple (2011)

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