Sunday, 15 May 2011

Installation of "I'm Your Biggest Fan"...

So, this week I have been installing my final piece of work of my university course, and in my opinion, my best work to date. The work is concerned with not only the idolisation of the celebrity, but also the decline of traditional drawing techniques in contemporary art. The presentation of my traditional drawings of Dave is the contemporary aspect of my work, contrasted by the traditional drawing seen in my work. The piece has 208 drawings in total, which is a play on Dave's date of birth:


310 -19 -83 = 208

Here are some images of the work...

Day 1- My Space

Day 2- Gum Strip

Day 3- New Wall

Day 4- Installation commences...

Day 5- Installation Complete

Day 5-

Day 5-

Day 6- Minor Adjustments

Day 6- Finished with painted floor...

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