Sunday, 24 April 2011

Greestone 42

Here is my image and statement for the forthcoming exhibition- Greestone 42...


“The celebrity is a part of the fan audiences everyday life and as remote as imaginable. The celebrity is thus both intimate and distant.”[1]

I create work focusing on my idol: Dave McPherson, through repetitive drawing to give the sense of the “obsessive fan”. Although each drawing is completed separately, it is when the drawings are all viewed together that they speak of this obsessive nature. The binding element of the work is Dave's music: creating an equation of three elements: Dave (the celebrity), me (the fan) and his music (the remote bond). The drawings then become an attempt-by the fan-to reduce the metaphorical and literal distance discussed by Nayar, while also trying to imply the construction of intimacy between the fan and idol.

[1] Nayar, Pramod K. Seeing Stars: 2009; 159

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