Thursday, 5 January 2012

Changing Spaces

I have recently been working towards making a series of work to put forward for the 'Changing Spaces' scheme which currently runs in Cambridge. The scheme invites local artists to present work in disused shops within the city centre of Cambridge, both bringing a new use to the shop whilst un-occupied, whilst also providing exposure for local artists.

With this opportunity available, I have began to work towards an- as of yet- untitled response to enter into the scheme, which will continue my work into the study of celebrity culture. The work looks to both assess the current situation as I see it, but also work with the title of scheme- changing spaces. Through this I am beginning to make my own newspaper front covers which feature a celebrity...generally celebrities which are commonly found in the newspapers for other reasons that the reason they are famous. Through this the drawing again becomes an important feature, but then there is also reference towards celebrity culture, text, branding, current affairs...

Below is a teaser to some of the work to be exhibited.

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